is the advertisement platform of "Kinshasa Collection" for individuals and businesses active in fields related to our project

Please note this list is open to anyone interested in submitting their information, therefore we do not endorse any of the members listed.

Bambedila Minimbu

Matadi, DR Congo

Contact: +243898919703

Beauté Sauvage

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 906077896

Beauté Sauvage is a famous Sapeur in Kinshasa, known for daring dark outfits and super cool attitudes. His favorite creator is Yohji Yamamoto, he is "a Japanese Sapeur".

Cedrick Nzolo

Design d'espace, design graphique Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: cnndart@yahoo.fr

la congolaise du design et de l'art ( CDA )
head of designer

Notre rôle est celui de manager designer, celui qui connaît le type de travail fournit par les designers de mode à Kinshasa, et coordonne leur action pour créer des nouvelles collaborations fructueuses. Nous expertise est au service de la création d'intervention variés selon les capacités de productions spécifiques a chaque designer.

Chris Shongo

Artist / filmmaker
Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: 130, Av. Loango, Bandalungwa, Kinshasa, DR Congo
Email: shongochrisss3@gmail.com
Phone: +243 81 324 86 74

Business: Tosala Cinéma

Chris Shongo is a multidisciplinary artist, is into graffiti, photography and cinema. He caught the fashion virus when he was child and is currently exploring the « rebel chic » style. He is part of the young Tosala Cinéma production structure that has helped produce the film MANKIN.

Christian Lulendo

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 896844468

Christian LULENDO’s favorite clothing brands are Versace and Jordan. He is actually into clothes business and appears in MANKIN.

Daniel Mbuezo

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 895500763

Business: D.M.

Daniel Mbuezo is a young designer, trained at ISAM, who created his label D.M. 5 years ago.

Djo Shongo

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: 150, Av. Kasavubu, Bandal, Kinshasa, DR Congo
Email: djoshongo@yahoo.fr
Phone: +243814849786

Business: Boutique ambulante

Djo Shongo strolls through the streets of Kinshasa as a human showcase. Thanks to his concept of "street shop", he sells his clothes at the top of the fashion.

Glody Beya Lumnala


Contact: +243820992287
Language: French

Glody Lipela

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 898122385

Glody Lipela is a clothing very fashion salesman. He performs his love for the clothes as an actor for the first time in MANKIN.

Goitseone Montsho

Goitseone Montsho is an fashion activist, actress, poet, model and performance artist.

In my work I have tried to use different disciplines (fashion, writing and performance) to bring across my point of view.

In an age where classification is key I have always found pleasure in playing with the different ideas of identity and the freedom to recreate oneself through style.

As a child growing up in a township in South Africa I realised the stark difference to how people treated you according to the clothes on your back. This realisation, after being laughed at for wearing pay-less(no name) sneakers, bought me to the next phase in my life where I would wear knock offs in a game called fake-it-till-you-make-it.

When I became a fashion model at 16 and started to finally get my hands on ‘’better quality’’ clothes I became at first very brand conscious. Everything had to have a name…and not just any name. A famous name.

Institut supérieur des arts et métiers

Fashion school

Contact: Rue De Libenge, Kinshasa

Institut supérieur des arts et métiers is a technical institution that has participated since 1968 in training in the field of Arts and Crafts in DR Congo.

Irène Tshibola

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: 47, Av. Kulu, Bandal, Kinshasa, DR Congo
Phone: +243 0896922257
Email: irenatsibola@gmail.com

Irène Tshibola Is a model and fashion designer who is passionate about the development of the traditional African loincloth.

Patricia Kinga-Miakongo


Contact: +243999634962

Lea Grope


Reclass by Lea

The fashion of Reclass stands for a self-evident, urban look and feel: it's functional, feminine, comfortable and sustainable.

The aspect and practice of sustainability has been at the forefront of Reclass as a label from the very beginning.

These garmets are a perfect fit for all seasons, not just in design but also in quality.

We used certified fabrics and recycled materials at every step of production.

Their conviction and belief unfolds within the core piece, the "Reclass Coat".

Here, aesthetics is combined with efficiency and durability.

It's 100% made from recycled tarpaulin, making it water repellent and completely reversible.

Reclass is a refreshing and beautiful new take on how and why we dress. It strives to capture a fleeting moment during this evolving and uncertain juncture in time.

Louison Mbeya

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 896361399

Louison Mbeya is the star stylist in the DR Congo, he has dressed Papa Wemba, Fally Ipupa, Werra Son, etc. This self-taught artist became the ambassador of Congolese fashion abroad.

Lydie Okosa

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 815249650

Lydie Okosa is a young designer, trained at ISAM, she is also a teacher at ISETAM, her style is very marked by the presence of loincloth whether on clothing and accessories.

Marlie Yamba

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Malie Yamba elegance is his middle name: his outfits are feats for the eyes! This Sapeur makes heads turn when cruising in the neighborhood

Rita Mayala

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 817610217

Rita Ngalula

Lubumbashi, DR Congo

Contact: +243998121304
Email: rita.ngalula.rn@gmail.com

Shaggy Pigeon de la Terre

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 852868462

Shaggy Pigeon de la Terre flies more than he walks - a Sapeur, who seems to be styled by his late idol Papa Wemba (le pape de sape) each day with new inspiration.

Susanne Wagner


Founded the cross couture label Frau Wagner in 2007. Old sportswear, uniforms or vintage clothing are the base of her designs. Each dress contrasts the elegance and beauty of the fashion world with the fleeting and ephemeral aspects of lived lives. Mass items are transformed into uniqueness, worthlessness into value.

In 2016, she founded KM13 – a showroom und store for sustainable Fashion, Design and Art.

Titi Saidi

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 818768062
155, Av. Nianza, Huillerie, Kinshasa, DR Congo

Tracy Gbiayu

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 822553881
21, Av. Chaba, Lemba Super, Kinshasa, DR Congo

Whitney G Najjuko

Fashion designer and creative director
Kampala, Uganda

Contact: +256 756 700640

Fashion designer and creative director @GNAJ Fashion House, Entrepreneur and social entrepreneur.

Languages: English, Luganda, Lukinga, Lunyakole and Luhinda

Alex Gerbaulet

Filmmaker / producer
Berlin, Germany

Contact: gerbaulet(at)pong-berlin.de
Business: pong film GmbH

Alex Gerbaulet is an artist and filmmaker and curator, based in Berlin. Since 2014 she works as an author and producer for pong film Berlin.

Clarisse Muvuba

Actress, Producer
Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact:  clarisse.image@gmail.com
Tél. : +243 997 629 655

Dusan Solomun

Filmmaker / Cinematographer
Berlin, Germany

Contact: Solomundusan@gmail.com
facebook: Dusan Solomun

filmmaker based in Berlin, Web

Mr Lupia Emmanuel Assani

Filmmakers / produtor
Kinshasa, DR Congo


TOSALA films is a structure of Cinematographic Production created and directed by Mr LUPIA Emmanuel ASSANI, he collaborates very closely with Bimpa production on a large number of these projects.

Erick Kayembe

Video editor
Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 998473201

Business: Un cinéma pour le Congo

Erick Kayembe is the video editor of the rising generation of Congolese cinema. He is also at the initiative of the project « A cinema for the Congo ».

Gradie Kimberlite Amimata

Actress, student of journalism
Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: Lokolama Abobis, Matonge Kalamu, Kinshasa, DR Congo
Email: gradieamima@gmail.com
Phone: +243 81 155 71 55

Ines Meier

Berlin, Germany

Email: ines.meier@gmx.org

documentary production, cultural and ecological journalism, photography, illustrations, social media

Ines Meier is a journalist, documentary film producer and artist based in Berlin.

Jana Magdalena Keuchel

Filmmaker, director of photography, lecturer
Leipzig, Germany

Email: jana.keuchel@gmail.com

Jana Magdalena Keuchel is a film director and artist based in Leipzig. She worked as a lecturer at Bauhau-University Weimar and Liberia Film Institute and is part of the Film Collective „Filmische Initiative Leipzig“.

Kadhaffi Mbuyamba

Kinshasa, DR Congo

20bis, Av. Madimba, Bandalungwa, Kinshasa, DR Congo


Kinshasa, DR Congo


LELO-LOBI NMW est une maison de production de droit congolais nouvellement créée par trois jeunes artistes qui ont en commun la passion pour les art- visuels et la volonté de réunir de conditions nécessaires à la matérialisation de projets jugés potentiels. Elle a été initiée et est conjointement dirigée par Okoko Nyumbaiza, Nelson Makengo et Moimi Wezam. Lancée officiellement à la fin du mois de mai 2017, LELO-LOBI NMW est co-producteur de ‘’THEATRE URBAIN’’ pour KINSHASA COLLECTION et du film documentaire ZERO qui rend hommage à Papa WEMBA.

Mango Ndjangala Eriq Duffon

Goma, DR Congo

Contact: +243 998870408/821049008

Moimi Wezam

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: moimi.wezam@gmail.com

Moimi Wazam est réalisateur et producteur à Lelo-Lobi NMW. Zéro est son premier long métrage documentaire, un film qui rend hommage à papa wemba. Wezam est producteur délégué et ingénieur son de Théâtre Urbain.

Mpaki Molapo

Berlin/South Africa/Lesotho

Contact: (+49) 15779205128

Nelson Makengo

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: 269, Av. Louvua, Lingwala, Kinshasa, DR Congo
Email: Nelsonmakengo2013@gmail.com
Phone: +243826337707

Nelson Makengo has a degree in Visual Communication from the Kinshasa Academy of Fine Arts. After participating in master classes, photography, and documentary writing residencies in Kinshasa, Saint Louis and Paris at the National School of Image and Sound (LaFemis), he made short documentary and experimental short films, among others, Tabu, Au fil du rythme, Souvenir d'un été and Milinga. Very concern by the mutations of the city of Kinshasa and its population, those last two years, he develops its first photographic project "Kinshasa-brutal Poetry". His approach is to sublimate commonplace situations of his environment both near and far, and sharpen his gaze.

Okoko Nyumbaiza

Réalisateur - producteur
Kinshasa, DR Congo


Réalisateur et producteur de documentaire et fiction, KITENDI est son premier film, un court-métrage documentaire sur la SAPE produit par BIMPA Production RDC. Assistant réalisateur de Théâtre urbain.

Pascal Capitolin

Location Recording / Sound Design

Contact: p.capitolin17@gmail.com

Patrick Ken Kalala

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: 12, Av. Kalume, Ngaliema, Kinshasa, DR Congo
+243810251344 / +243825977768 

pong film GmbH

Production company
Berlin, Germany

Contact: info(at)pong-berlin.de

Business: pong film GmbH

Rudy Kimvuidi Nkombo

Bukavu, DR Congo

Contact: +243 817084032

TD Jack Muhindo

Filmmaker, Director, Documentary
Goma, DR Congo

Contact: +243 994 135 005

Tshoper Kabambi

Kinshasa, DR Congo

445, Av. Salvias Limete 8ème Rue, Kinshasa, RDC
Email: tshoper_man@yahoo.fr
Phone: +243 999926452

BIMPA PRODUCTION - Kinshasa based film production house, run by our project partner, on-screen fixer Tshoper Kabambi

Zimu Zhang

Independent Moving Image Curatorial Collective

Contact: zimu_zhang@hotmail.com

月光放映计划(Moonshine Screening Project)

Yubin Xie

Independent Moving Image Curatorial Collective

Contact: micky.tseyubin@hotmail.com

月光放映计划(Moonshine Screening Project)

Ange da Costa

Berlin, Germany

In his current home town Berlin, Ange da Costa and his band are working on his debut album. With this record, Ange da Costa wants to go back to the starting point after many years of live performances and collaborations. The featured songs do not necessarily yield to the given pop structures. He wants to record a LP that reflects Him, his emotions, origin, experiences in the Diaspora thoughts and visions. The LP will be called Kamusevo (name of his mother and great grandmother), Kamusevo Mkueno (full-length), which means something like "do not rejoice in my suffering". The album is a journey to the origins of his passion for music, Congolese and African music, combined with jazz, reggae and electro influences. The focus of the record is on the stories, his voice and melodies, embedded in powerful grooves


Bob Elvis

Artiste Rappeur

Contact: +243812342528

Djanga Weni

Kinshasa, DR Congo


Jonathan Bamba a.k.a DJOW FLOW

Compositeur,chanteur & rappeur
Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: anthobakire@gmail.com

Vicko Tengwa Mupasa

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 998096922

Wilfried Luzele (aka LOVA LOVA)

Musician and art operator
Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: 25, Av. Shiloango, Bandalungwa, Kinshasa, RDC
Email: liquefactiondelhomme@gmail.com
Phone: +243 82 226 71 11

Business: Espace Double Vision

Wilfried Luzele Vuvu (aka Lova Lova) Musician, composer, sapeur - runs a private cultural centre in a building (currently under construction) which belongs to Lova’s cosmopolitan grandfather (who also baptized Lova ‚Wilfred‘ after a Belgian army guy…)

Académie des Beaux Arts de Kinshasa

Cultural institution
Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: +243 8941010
Avenue de 24 Novembre | À proximité de l'Ecole belge, quartier de la Gombe, Kinshasa

Académie des Beaux Arts de Kinshasa is an institute for the teaching of visual arts and applied arts and a place of meeting and exchange for Conglais and international artists. It hosted the KC team throughout their stay.

Allason Leitz

Arts administrative / marketing specialist
New York City, USA

Contact: Allason.Leitz@gmail.com

Allason is a freelance arts administrative and marketing specialist. Her work has focused primarily on the promotion and programming of African (primarily Congolese) artists in both Goma, DRCongo at the Congo International Film Festival and abroad through various initiatives and projects. Currently she is working towards her Masters in Arts Administration at Columbia University in New York City and spends her time primarily between New York City and Berlin.

Native: English and German
Intermediate: Spanish
Elementary: French, Swahili

Clara Brandt

Etudiante en graphisme
Leipzig, Germany

Contact: claraelisabethbrandt@gmail.com

Etudiante en graphisme - Classe d'illustration à Leipzig (Allemagne)

Double Vision

Independant art space
Kinshasa, DR Congo


Double Vision is an independent art space managed by the artists Wilfried Luzele and Lucille de Witte. The area is located in the municipality of Bandalungwa, famous for its "similarities" with Paris.

Echangeur de Limete

Cultural institution
Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: Joel Kenda (Directeur) +243 89.5358364 

The Echangeur of Limete is a place of history, designed by a Franco-Tunisian architect at the end of the 1960s at the request of President Mobutu in memory of Lumumba, today it hosts the Museum of Contemporary Art And Multimedia of Kinshasa.

Lena Lambertz

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Visual Artist
Berlin, Germany

Contact: contact@lenalambertz.de

Lucille de Witte

Artiste / Art operator
Kinshasa, DR Congo / Paris, France

Contact: lucilledewitte@gmail.com
+243 813474680

Business: Double Vision

Lydia Schellhammer

Visual Artist (Painter, performance, social sculptor)
Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: lydia_schellhammer@web.de



Tiger Stangl

Graphic design, illustration
Berlin, Germany

Contact: tiger@allgirls-berlin.de

Wendy Bashi

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Contact: wenbashi@gmail.com

Wendy Bashi is a congolese journalist-director living in Belgium. To date, she has produced 3 audiovisual documentaries and four 26-minute reports on TV5Monde as well as numerous festivals. It also produces radio documentaries broadcasted mainly on the RTBF as well as the Deutsche Welle.


Cultural Center
Goma, DR Congo

Contact: contact@yoleafrica.org
+243 99 7123 055

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